Tutorial Pro Packs

BadKing offers a range of tutorials created by industry experts. These tutorials cover a range of different topics from concepting to creating game assets and other industry ready production models. Taught by veteran artists who have worked on high-end productions in the game, film and television industries, they are a great learning resource for both beginners and professionals alike.

Alpha Maps

BadKing offers a collection of varying Alpha Maps to be used within Zbrush and Mudbox. Alpha Maps are greyscale displacement or bump maps. The gray intensity of an Alpha Map (its dark or light areas) represents the height or depth of the bump or displacement. Alphas can also be used for applying masks or to lay down colours and materials in the shape of an Alpha.

Custom Brushes

BadKing offers a collection of Custom Brushes to be used within ZBrush. Brushes are used to modify mesh surfaces by displacing the mesh vertices over which the brush passes, either by pushing the mesh outward or inward, giving the illusion of working with clay. Brushes can also be used to insert new geometry into an existing mesh using the Insert Multi Mesh Brush (IMM) feature found within ZBrush.

Download Points

Download Points act as a form of currency on the website. Although BadKing offers much of its content for FREE, they allow you to download videos and access ADDITIONAL content that is not otherwise available on the site such as extra models, project /chapter files and more.


BadKing now offers a collection of Materials to be used within ZBrush. Materials are used to change the way lighting reacts with a surface to make it either smooth or rough, specular or matt, solid or transparent. These materials can also be adjusted or modified to create the desired look for your sculpt.


BadKing offers an array of professional high quality 3D models including base meshes that cover a range of topics and industries. For the most part we provide ZBrush models but are now expanding to include other formats such as .OBJs. All models will include the following information – content of download, format, file size, subdivision levels and a brief description.