About Us

BadKing is a free ZBrush resource site specialising in tutorials, 3D modeling, insert multi mesh brushes, alpha maps, concept art and more. We are comprised of a small group of professional artists that have over a decade of experience in the videogame, feature film, advertising and publishing industries.

BadKing has become a valued resource for both novice and professional artists throughout the world. We aim to inspire other artists to share their knowledge and experience regarding all things design, and create an unparalleled community never seen before.’

We love what we do and want to continue bringing you new and exciting content but to do that we need your help. We want to expand the site to a whole new level to include workshops, interviews, explore different software packages and allow artists to share their work with the rest of the BadKing community.

Please support BadKing by donating via PayPal, purchasing Download Points, donating your time or by simply spreading the word.

And remember, feedback is always welcomed and appreciated as it allows us to improve the site and ensure that it is both useful and relevant.

Thank you for making this site possible!